About us


JSCP accepts sewing orders under contract. Our portfolio includes brands recognised as a premium class. We have been gaining our experience on the sewing services market for more than 20 years. What makes JSCP stand out is our service and comprehensive offer – from a design to a finished product with an option of delivery to the customer – flexibility, timely and fast completion of orders, regardless of ordered small or large quantities.

Since 2012, we have been running our business in compliance with Standard ISO 9001.

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Machine fleet

The machine fleet includes:


  • automatic machines supplied by SIRUBA, JUKI, and BROTHER – adjusted to comply with the production process,
  • production hall designed for sewing plant requirements – equipped with a pneumatic system,
  • ironing room,
  • cutting room with two band knifes,
  • continuous fusing machine,
  • 30-metre working table,
  • other facilities improving our quality.


JSCP is an entirely Polish-brand company. All services to be procured on the clothing/sewing market can be provided on site at the company’s premises in the city of Lodz. Based on long-standing experience and various inspirations, the products we sew become unique. JSCP chief asset is the involvement of all staff at all levels of organisation in manufacturing fashionable and elegant women’s clothing. The most important objective of JSCP is to meet aesthetic needs of our female customers, to emphasise their independence, modern thinking, and the sense of aesthetics.

JSCP is a sewing services company, which is fashion-oriented, modern, and creative. We sew clothing with passion and panache.


Sewing “with a table”

JSCP pays attention to sewing women’s garments with repeatable parameters so that every piece made can comply with the employer’s assumptions.

From an idea to a finished product

Our services are comprehensive. All we need is just a picture, sketch or pattern and we can start right away. We are able to create a design, suggest materials and provide an entire construction. Due to our cooperation with other companies (such as printing houses), we provide overprint, labels, and sewn-in inserts. We also can offer you all clothing accessories, including embroidery of the highest quality­ – a specialised embroidery workshop is one of our partners

Services for premium brands

We manufacture exclusive women’s clothing and are willing to take up the process of sewing modern and complicated clothing. Our advantage is our long-standing experience of the owners and managerial staff.

Our team

  • Dominika Siuda

    She has more than 20-year experience in the clothing sector. She is responsible for customer…

  • Michał Bielawski

    He has long-standing experience in the textile sector. He is in charge of administrative matters…

  • Joanna Górkiewicz

    She has long-standing experience in manufacturing. She is in charge of the organisation of production...